I'm back home from Switzerland after a couple of weeks on the road there. I've been back most years since the nineties touring with my band mate Anna Houston. Mostly as part of NoCrows but also as part of Cadenza ( Anna's early band). Over the years I've made a lot of friends there. At this stage, we're really family. The concerts ( mostly folk clubs) are very well run, well attended and the audience very attentive.  

There is a great attention to detail, the bands are well catered for and the sound gear and technicians all top class. I look forward to going back every year. This time around I met Luka Bloom out on the street in Bern and we talked about how we like to tour there. Spring has sprung and the Bernese even have an app to tell you what temperature the river is, in case a swim is on the cards. 

Published on 12th April 2017


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