Back on the road again with the Waterboys. Summer festival season is here again and once more we're back in beautiful Norway for festivals. Oslo is a great sophisticated and vibrant city and its always great to return here to play. This year it's the   @OverOslo Festival high in the Clouds above the city, It feels like we are in the sky. A weather front has come in and we are surrounded by misty cloud. The audience are colorful and enthusiastic for the latest incarnation of the band with new our bassist Aongus Ralston a fellow Dub.. I'm thrilled that we're performing a new song ( Stopping by Woods) from my own album ( Beekeeper).  After Oslo it is on to Steinkjer. No one nows how to pronounce this so we revert to the obvious 'Stinker'. This concert is in a natural amphitheatre by a fast moving Nordic Torrent. We play our socks off. 

Published on 25th June 2017


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