We’re on the road again. Sure, the endless queuing is a drag, the airport shopping malls, the security checks and general ferrying around. The music and camaraderie make all that hassle fade into a mild inconvenience. We are family on the road, united with common purpose.To put on the best show we can, as though our lives depended on it. And they do. 

Going back to these towns and city over time, I've developed an inner map. Usually marked in my memory, perhaps strangely, by beautiful remarkable trees.That’s to say I can recognise where I am any given time by the nearest specimen tree. A regal oak here, a beautiful cherry-tree there, a splendid ash and so on. Sometimes if I'm lucky they will be in seed and I'll gather some up and plant them when I get home.

The Waterboys have played in some of the most famous and beautiful concert halls around the world. Places like The Sydney Opera House, the Royal Albert Hall, Carnegie Hall. Every city and town is generally proud of it’s great concert space and doormen up and down the land can, and will regale you with tales of the Beatles, the Stones, and even Rachmaninov. Tonight in Hamburg we play in a beautiful hall where the great Stravinsky once performed. There is a lovely magic in all this, being part of a procession of musicians throughout the age.

Published on 9th November 2017


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