Tune a Day

Published on 5th March 2019 • 0 comments

Over the years I've built up a modest repertoire of tunes. These scraps of melodies dance in some cluttered corner of my brain waiting to be unpacked and set free The unpacking usually takes place among musicianers in one sacred... Read Post

Lyrics to Beekeeper

Published on 15th July 2017 • 1 comments

Following several requests here are the lyrics to the songs on 'Beekeeper' THE SONG OF LOST THINGSRemember the Days we walked down by the River We’d catch a little trout and maybe catch another And all the while the stream goes... Read Post

The first review of Beekeeper and article in the Sunday Times

Published on 17th April 2017 • 3 comments

The first reviews are coming in What does it sound like?:What to expect? When a sideman (and that term is not meant in any derogatory sense, as sidemen generally have to be musicians of the highest calibre) steps to the fore... Read Post